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通威集团 通威集团
  About Tongwei
>>Talent Strategy
Being the only country whose culturing output exceeds fishing output, China’s aquaculture output currently occupies 2/3 of the world’s total amount. As china’s industry-leading company in aquafeed, Tongwei will continue its healthy growth with its management philosophy of “honesty, trust, fairness and excellence” as well as the corporate mission of “striving for excellence, contributing to society.” Focusing on agriculture and new energy,the company strives to be known as the world-class supplier of healthy safe food and clean energy by enhancing its competitiveness through upstream integration into polysilicon manufacturing and solar photovoltaic industry.

We cannot do this alone without our human energy. “Talents determine our business vibrancy” – This has been the guiding concept of our operation and management. Tongwei firmly believes that talents are the foundation stone of its development and the source of its fortunes.

Tongwei relied on its staff to grow its business. This will not change. We hold that trust and respect is the best incentive. Those who fit the job are qualified staff; those who perform higher than social average level are talents; those who identify with corporate culture with innovation are excellent talents.

Tongwei is more than an enterprise and manufacturer. It is a school that fosters talents. Tongwei puts great value on talents with creativity and the spirit of starting over. Talents are the vibrancy and backbone of the enterprise. Through all the years, Tongwei has educated outstanding manpower with innovation and strong management capability.

“Concerted effort makes invincibility.” This is the best interpretation to “Tongwei”, as well as to the spirit of Tongwei team. Tongwei is an undertaking that belongs to every individual working for it. The good interpersonal relationship and teamwork enables Tongwei people to give full play of their competence and talents on the stage of their own.

通威集团 通威集团
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