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通威集团 通威集团
  About Tongwei
>>Message from the President
Time flies. Tongwei has become the world’s largest aquatic feed manufacturer as well as major livestock and poultry feed producer since its inception over 20 years ago. It has built a formidable business in aquaculture, livestock and poultry industrial chain. The company strives to be known as the world-class supplier of healthy safe food and clean energy by enhancing its competitiveness through upstream integration into polysilicon manufacturing and solar photovoltaic industry. Focusing core business development on niche markets, Tongwei continues its development blitz with pet food, IT, construction and real estate.

Tongwei believes the key to its achievements and healthy growth is the help and support from all walks of life as well as Tongwei people. These are the greatest assets that drive Tongwei to a positive future with all-out efforts.

The road ahead presents both opportunities and challenges. Tongwei will make every effort to maintain its elite status with the management philosophy of “honesty, trust, fairness and excellence”. It has staked its success and continued growth on a commitment to its corporate mission of “striving for excellence, contributing to society”. Tongwei never ceases making its due contributions to the industry’s vitality and the nation’s prosperity. We have every reason to believe, with concerted efforts of Tongwei People, this industry-leading enterprise is bound to go global as the world-class supplier of healthy safe food and clean energy.

Liu Hanyuan
★ Standing committee member of national committee, CPPCC
★ Standing committee member of China democratic national construction association
★ Vice-president of China Feed Industry Association
★ Vice-president of China Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Association
★ Vice-president of China Fishery Association
★ Vice-president of Private Investment Committee of the Investment Association of China.
★ The Chief Man in Trade of China with the Most World-influence
★ Top 10 Excellent Private Entrepreneurs
★ Outstanding Chinese Young Entrepreneur
★ Top 10 Entrepreneurs of Chinese Private Companies
★ National Pacemaker of the Spark Program of Science and Technology
★ National Advanced Worker in Fodder Industry
★ National Outstanding Private Entrepreneur Representative
★ National Advanced Worker of Agricultural Science and Technology
★ Board Chairman of Tongwei Group

通威集团 通威集团
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