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通威集团 通威集团
  About Tongwei
Corporate Objective:
Enhancing life quality of mankind by creating world-class brand of aquatic products

Corporate Missions:
Economic mission:
Continuing a healthy growth and achieving elite status

Social mission:
Increasing social material wealth and improving life quality

Cultural mission:
Upholding healthy social values and advancing China’s cultural civilization

Tongwei’s philosophy:
Management Philosophy:Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Excellence
Honesty: Being sincere and candid
Trust: winning trust by credibility
Fairness: running business with fairness and legitimacy
Excellence: taking the lead with guaranteed excellence

Cultural idea:
Tongwei has staked its success and continued growth on a commitment to responsibility:
Each individual is responsible to himself, to others and to Tongwei
Tongwei is responsible to its staff, its clients and to the society

Management Model

Tongwei has established a unique management model that dedicates to help identify, understand, and manage the factors that determine its success. This goal-oriented model encourages changes and self-improvements under the direction of basic principles. It includes feasible and effective management principles and norms of conduct that take forms of manuals, regulations, computerized programs and systems.

通威集团 通威集团
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