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通威集团 通威集团
  About Tongwei

Focusing its core business on agriculture and new energy, Tongwei Group - a leading technologically advanced private enterprise - continues its development blitz with chemical industry, pet food, IT, construction and real estate. As the State's Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization, the company operates nationwide as well as in Southeast Asia with over 110 branch/subsidiary companies and 20,000 employees. Tongwei Co., Ltd. (listed in 2004; Stock code: 600438) under Tongwei Group manages an annual feed production capacity of over 7 million tons. The company has captured 25% of China's market share for aquafeed, which makes it the nation's industry leader for 21 consecutive years. As the world's largest aquafeed manufacturer as well as major livestock and poultry feed producer, Tongwei Co., Ltd. was the first agriculture listed company with its sales revenue exceeding ¥10 billion RMB in Sichuan. It is also among China's agricultural listed companies with the largest sales volume in the sectors of agriculture, forestry, husbandry and fishery.

With its healthy and fast development, Tongwei Group has built a formidable business that tallied ¥35.2 billion RMB in sales in 2011, and ¥41.2 billion RMB in 2012. Adhering to its core philosophy of "For a better life", Tongwei perseveres in feed and aquaculture core business development, as well as its industrial chain build-up on its way to the world-class safe food supplier. Meanwhile, Tongwei strives to strengthen its competitiveness through huge investment in polycrystalline silicon and solar PV industry. It aims to become the world-class solar PV enterprise and the world-class clean energy company. With this, Tongwei Group's sales revenue will reach ¥60 to 100 billion RMB in 3 to 5 years.

For the last 30 years, Tongwei Group has been widely recognized for its contributions to China's aquaculture and new energy development. In recent years, Tongwei Group and its controlling Tongwei Co., Ltd. have received many honors and awards, including Top 100 Chinese Private Listed Companies, Top 50 Most Competitive Chinese Private Enterprise, Top 50 Most Competitive Brand by Chinese Private Enterprise, and China's Top 500 Information-based Enterprise. September, 2004, the trademark of Tongwei Co., Ltd. received the title of China's Well-known Trademark; July, 2006, Tongwei brand was selected the only Iconic Brand out of 13,000 candidate enterprises in the feed sector by China Brand Research Institute, which released 145 iconic brands in different sectors. Late 2006, Tongwei Co., Ltd. received the title of The Most Competitive Enterprise in China's Feed Sector 2006, and the Leading Company of Industrial Standardization in China's Feed Sector. 2007, Tongwei Group received China Brand 'Jinpu Award' at the first Chinese Brand Festival. September, 2007, Tongwei Co., Ltd. consolidated its technological strength by its State Certified Enterprise Technology Center. December, 2007, Tongwei Co., Ltd. received the awards of Top 10 Companies in Public Welfare and Best Enterprise in Humanistic Management. June, 2011, Tongwei Group received the award of 2011 The Most Influential Enterprise for China's Economic Achievements. June, 2013, Tongwei's Brand Value reached ¥21.056 billion RMB, and ranked 89 as China's 500 Most Valuable Brands for the 9th time. November, 2012, as the leading company with its brand advantage in agriculture, husbandry and new energy sectors, Tongwei received the award of 2012 China's Annual Brand at the annual release ceremony of Chinese Brands. Meanwhile, the company was selected China's Top 10 Company for Corporate Culture Influence. December,2012, Tongwei Group was awarded Top 500 Enterprise with the Most Contributions to Global New Energy.

With the company's continuing rise, as the committee member of the CPPCC, standing committee member of China Democratic National Construction Association, and Board Chairman of Tongwei Group, Mr. Liu Hanyuan has received wide social recognition and high appreciation: Mr. Liu was awarded Special Contribution to the National Rejuvenation by China Young Entrepreneur Association in 1998, and Chinese Philanthropist in 1999. 2001, he was awarded National Advanced Worker of Agricultural Science and Technology, and was received by Jiang Zemin and other top leaders. 2002, at the 21st Century Boao Forum for Asia, Mr. Liu was selected Top 10 Businessman of Sichuan, 2002 Personage of the Year, and Top 10 Economic Personality of Sichuan in 2002, 2004 and 2005. Chairman Liu received the honors of National Excellent Researcher in Aquaculture, and 2003 China's Top 10 Economic Personage. September, 2004, Mr. Liu Hanyuan was selected The Chief Man in Trade of China with the Most World-influence by World Heroes Periodical Office and INT'L Enterpriser General Union. October, 2004, he was selected by The First National Top 10 Excellent Private Entrepreneur by China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association. 2004, He was jointly selected the Outstanding Worker of Socialism with Unique Chinese Twist by five commissions of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee; August, 2005, Mr. Liu was awarded Asia-Pacific Most Creative Entrepreneurial Leader in China; October, 2005, the cover man of World Chinese Businessman with the reputation of 'the Evergreen Tree in Business Circle'; December, 2006, the Annual Economic Personage in China's Feed Sector. March, 2008, at the Two Sessions, Mr. Liu Hanyuan was selected standing committee member by the 11th CPPCC. October, 2008, he was selected the Pioneer in Earthquake Relief; December, 2008, Top 10 Pioneer in China's Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Industry during 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up; October, 2009, the Responsibility Leader for the First China Enterprise Social Responsibility Year. October, 2009, Mr. Liu was selected Top 60 Sons and Daughters of China, Business Personages at the China's 60th Anniversary themed Business Event by the publicity and education department of AFIC (All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce) and The People's Daily News Information Center. January, 2010, Mr. Liu was awarded Top 60 Excellent Chinese Private Enterprise Businessman; March, Exemplar of China 2009 Media Ranking Top 10 Business Leaders; May, Asia-Pacific Chinese Entrepreneurial Leader with the Most Social Responsibility. December,13,2010, Chairman Liu Hanyuan made a report at the Great Hall of People as one of the nine Exemplars around Us in China selected by the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee for establishing and practicing socialist core value system. June, 2011, Mr. Liu received the only award for individuals of 2011 the Most Influential Person for China's Economy at CEO Forum for China's Economy. November, 2012, he was selected the Outstanding Personage with Brand Contribution at the Annual Release Ceremony of Chinese Brands; December, he was selected the 2012 Top 10 Personage in the PV Sector along with Premier Wen Jiabao.

While gaining continuing rise, Tongwei Group attaches great importance to its social responsibility. Tongwei has been actively involved in charity and public welfare establishments: 1992, "Tongwei – Hope Project Award Fund" was founded. It has provided financial assistance to about 2,000 poor students and excellent teachers in poverty-stricken areas of Liangshanzhou, Bazhong, Guangyuan, and Dazhou in Sichuan; "Tongwei Aquaculture Education Award Fund" was founded. Tongwei donated ¥1 million RMB to Sichuan Agricultural University for its teaching building construction; 1998, Tongwei donated ¥ 3.2 million RMB for the flood-stricken Hunan and Hubei provinces; Tongwei exclusively sponsored the scientific expedition to the North Pole. In 2007, "China Siyuan Program• Sunshine Project" launched by China Democratic National Construction Association was initiated. This program aims to send high-quality, high-efficiency and eco-friendly household electricity to underdeveloped regions, especially densely inhabited areas of ethnic minorities. For this goal, Tongwei budgets an annual fund of 5 million RMB for 10 consecutive years for scientific solar energy research and new products R&D. On May 12th, 2008, Tongwei offered 12.5 million RMB to Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province right after the 8-magnitude earthquake. 2009, Tongwei donated ¥1 million RMB to build Tongwei Siyuan Road for the revolutionary area of Bazhong. 2010, Tongwei donated ¥1 million RMB for the market town construction of hometown, and ¥200,000 RMB for home-returning migrant workers to establish business at home. In addition, Tongwei donated ¥11 million RMB to build a school and 2 solar plants at the plateau area of Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture of Sichuan. The same year, actively responding to China Democratic National Construction Association, Tongwei donated ¥60 million RMB to build a modern feed producing company at Bijie area in Guizhou; October, 2010, Tongwei donated ¥1 million RMB for the flood-stricken Hainan for reconstruction and production recovery. Up to now, Tongwei's total value of donation has exceeded ¥300 million RMB.

通威集团 通威集团
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